Master Key Systems

Key systems put you in control by getting rid of that obnoxious two ton ring of keys. One master key controls the key system and will open only the locks you want. But key systems keys can be much smarter than that.You can give out master keys by zone, limiting the zones each employee can access. Keys for subzones can work on only one door or a whole department.

You decide and control who has access to which door or group of doors.

Whether you choose a master key system, RFID system, Electronic keypad or card access system, the professionals at Best Locksmith are ready to get your system set up fast.

Who needs key systems?
  • If your keychain has so many keys that it takes too much time to locate the right key, key system master key will help solve the problem because one key can access as many doors as you want.
  • If your business has different levels of security or different departments, master key systems can help divide access into zones. Each group of employees is given keys that allow them only into the departments where they belong.
  • Medical laboratories where employees walking in to the wrong door can contaminate samples.
  • Government contractors who are required by contract to keep offices secure.
  • Businesses that have cash counting rooms. (You don’t want just anyone walking in or letting anyone here.)
Master Key Systems
A-1 London Locksmiths
Master Key Systems
  • We’re licensed, insured and we guarantee your satisfaction.
  • A-1 provide locksmith services as a 24 hour a day locksmith.
  • We design your key system and zones.
  • We can rekey your current key systems keys to prevent unwanted entries. Or just to change zones.
Key systems are available with keys, RFID transmitters, card access or numeric keypads.

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Master Key Systems

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